Wild strawberry schnapps 40.0%

Wild strawberry schnapps 40.0%


Pleasure for the palate made of wild strawberry

Wild strawberry has been a highly valued fruit since ancient times, with exceptional nutritional and beneficial properties, attractive appearance and very pronounced fragrant aroma. Processed through the natural process of production, the wild strawberry became the main ingredient of the exclusive local schnapps – Fragolija. With harmonic flavor, scent and color, and with 40% alcohol, Fragolija is made from selected ripe fruits of wild strawberry, the healthiest traditional variety from the slopes of the Golija and Javor Mountains. Picked in the summer months, strawberries are carefully preserved and turned into schnapps according to a special recipe. The original packaging and the fine taste of wild strawberry make Fragolija a unique souvenir from the heart of Ivanjica. Preserved in a carefully designed bottle, Fragolija is an ideal gift for the real fans of homemade schnapps. One bottle of the finest Fragolija contains 2000 hand-picked fruits of wild strawberry. The lavish aroma of dried wild strawberry fruits is obtained with a lot of love, and through a completely natural process, making the schnapps highly enjoyable to drink.

Consume mildly chilled, at cellar temperature (14°C).

Dimensions: 360 x 130 x 65 mm

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Dimensions 360 x 130 x 65 mm